8 Detailed Steps to Pack & Move Fish Tank Safely!

Do you have an upcoming move from Surat to Patalganga already scheduled? After managing almost all the complicated packing tasks with the packers and movers in Surat, you are now left with the tricky task of packing the fish tank. Well, we know you are a bit worried about handling this job single-handedly, but you still want to do it yourself because this exquisite, extra-fragile house item is one of your treasured possessions and you do not want the movers to prepare it. Well, in that case, you have to be extra careful and think of a strategic plan to execute the job effortlessly.
To help you out with the same, we have composed this detailed guide that has some basic instructions you can check out to safely move the fish tank to your new home. Read carefully and put the steps into action:

• Research and inquire

Packing and moving fish tanks and preparing delicate fishes for the journey can be fairly tricky. So, think again and decide whether hiring the moving professionals would make sense at this point. Countless, professional moving companies provide specialized services for moving your delicate plants and pets and by opting for their dedicated packing assistance, you can take care of the much-adored fish family you have nurtured over years. Since these are specific kinds of moving solutions, they come at a price but you can always compare and choose to get your hands on an affordable deal!

• Prepare the fish tank

By now, you might have fully decided how you want to handle the moving of your fish tank/aquarium and if you want to make it yourself, then do it this way – first, prepare a space where you will perform the task. Next, drain the water and transfer it safely in clean containers (buckets/jars). For this, you should use a siphon hose. Now make use of the packing materials you gathered to methodically pack the fish tank and all its decorations (rocks, artificial plants, stones, lights, signs, and other fixtures). Make sure you are wearing gloves throughout the process to ensure safety.

• Provide class packing

As we mentioned above, the fish tank and all its accessories should be given quality packing protection ahead of the move because they are gentle and might get damaged during transit disturbances. Some key packing items you will need for the packing task include – moving blankets, packing paper, bubble wraps, transparent pouches, corner protectors, durable cardboard boxes, high-quality packaging tape, scissors, etc. You can get all of these sourced from online stores or buy them from the local market nearby but you need to have all these necessary supplies if you want to safely transport your fish tank to your new home.

• Follow the right steps

The packing of the fish tank has to be done with a procedure. Since we are not pros at this and neither do we know the right measures of packing it, considering some key tips can help! First, safely transfer the fish into separate small glass containers or a big vessel and make sure the water is clean. Then start with the packing task – give the fish tank a good clean-up after you have removed everything from it. All the tiny décor items, fixtures, and accessories should be generously coated with wrapping paper first, and then with a coat of bubble wrap. Everything should be secured in place with packing tape and the extra-delicate stuff should be added with a layer of moving blanket, too.

Note: The sand, gravel, pumps, and other tools should be carefully removed from the fish tank, wiped dry, and kept safely inside transparent pouches/bags during the move. Make sure you keep them somewhere close, so you can reinstate everything soon after the move.

• Think about the fishes

During all this while, you might find yourself struggling with a lot of things – more so because preparing a fish tank for the move (by following the above-mentioned steps) is not an easy affair! So, think if you even want to get your fish tank moved to your new place or not. If you are not confident about getting it moved, you can giveaway it to someone from your friend circle who would be as considerate towards these as you.

• Prepare fish for move

To prepare your precious fishes for the move, you should see if all their moving arrangements are done and whether they will get an ideal atmosphere throughout the transit duration. Avoid feeding them a few days before the final moving date. The vessel you transfer your fish should be aerated and the water inside should be a fair blend of old water from the fish tank and freshwater, so that the sensitive fishes do not get disturbed by the sudden change in the surroundings (water composition).

• Oversee truck loading

Since you are moving without experts, you should assign the move supervising task to either any of your friends or someone from your family. After all, moving involves careful overseeing of multiple things and especially the goods loading process. In this case, you should look if the box carrying your fish tank, and other moving cartons are loaded and settled within the moving truck appropriately or not.

• Establish the fish tank

Make sure this exquisite item is unloaded first from the moving vehicle and carefully established in your new home, soon after! Keep the space where you will install your fish tank clean and ready so you can fix it right there, with the help of your family members shortly after the move. Once it is positioned correctly, recreate the interior setting of your fish tank with all the details and equipment, add water, carefully release the fishes within and let them taste the new feeling of the new space.


Preparing and moving a fish tank is no less challenging than moving some delicate piece of glassware. Both require the same level of care and protection, and without proficient assistance of the movers and packers in Surat, relocating from Surat to Patalganga can be fairly tricky. So book them speedily to enjoy a comfortable move!

Things to look for a candidate in an interview

Recruiting employees is one of the major but toughest tasks in a business organization. The employees who join with a particular organization greatly affect to the success of the business journey it goes. Therefore, human resource managers are very careful when selecting a candidate for a job. In the job market, there is a huge competition among job seekers. Hence, companies receive thousands of applications when they open a job vacancy. However, HR people or the company management is solely responsible to select the most suitable person for a job. Job interview is one of the crucial processes in the recruitment process. It is the only opportunity that employers have to check the suitability of a candidate for a particular job. Hence, interviews are important for both interviewers and interviewees. The interview is just like an audit. It is impossible to say that an interview picks the most qualified people for the job. Sometimes, the best candidates fail during their interviews. Interviewers look for many things during interviews. The things they check may differ from one interview to another according to their requirements and the job nature. However, there are some basic things that every employer looks. Here are few of them. They basically check whether the candidate can do the job. They combine the educational qualifications, experiences, personal attitudes and many other factors and examine the ability of the candidate to handle the job. Most of the times, they directly ask from the interviewee to express his or her suitability for the job. Hence, the candidate should ready to explain why he or she is suitable for the job. If they fail to express their suitability, it will be the main disqualification. Interviewers also look whether the content included in a resume is true. As we all know, a resume contains a brief description of a candidate. It may contain some false details as well. Hence, employers carefully check whether the details given are true and correct. Most of the time, they expect detail descriptions and explanations of things included in the resume. Different businesses have different cultures. Hence, employers also look whether the candidate fits with the business culture they have. They mainly look at the attitudes and behaviors of candidates to confirm whether they fit with the company atmosphere. Experience and qualifications are very important for a job. But a lack of trust can ruin everything within a minute. Hence, employers also check whether the candidate is trustworthy. They also check whether they can rely on him. These are some major things which considered by employers during interviews. Only the candidates who can pass these lines can win jobs.

The Online Consumer Purchase Behaviour Shift

When the Internet, and online shopping, first came to prominence there was a natural distrust among consumers. Individuals didn’t want to pay up front for a product that might arrive damaged with questionable recourse for recovery. Additionally, the concept of sending credit card information over the Internet to some unknown source seemed unreliable and untrustworthy.
As the Internet has evolved however, more consumers have flocked to the digital landscape to locate products and services that meet their needs and at competitive prices. Big box stores can’t always compete with the low overheard that online businesses maintain. In fact, the Internet has drastically changed the way in which consumers view products.

Product Information Consumers tend to visit several websites to obtain product information about a product or service they might be looking for. The original website may get lost in the shuffle when it comes time for the consumer to make a decision and purchase an item, which is why businesses must strive to form a connection with the consumer before they leave the site. This can be done via an email newsletter, a special offer or an attractive and secure website that the customer remembers. Usually, failing to engage the customer results in the loss of a sale. Companies that don’t stand out and provide unique products and complete information may lose sales to other companies.

Product Reviews Customers have an ever-increasing supply of product reviews in the form of customer comments, editorial oversight and top features provided by industry specific online magazines. All of these elements work together to create an overall picture for the consumer and help to guide the decision to purchase a product. Online directories and classified sites compile large amounts of information in a central location. Businesses that want to cut through the noise have to market their product and services to the right directories and advertise with online classifieds relevant to the product or service.

Price Comparison One of the greatest advantages for consumers is the ability to use several online products that allow instant product pricing comparisons across several companies. Services like Google Shopping and other comparison sites places the cost of an item along with the customer reputation for a company in a single central location. Many consumers still carefully evaluate online businesses before making a purchase and customer review sites provide one of the ways in which customers evaluate the reliability of a company.

Changes in Online Shopping Behaviour In the past, shoppers relied upon word of mouth, brand marketing and commercial advertising when purchasing products. Today however, shoppers are presented with an ever-increasing array of choices. As the Internet has proven to be a reliable and common way to shop for goods, consumers have grown more impatient with convoluted and research-based purchasing paths. Consumers now use more sophisticated search queries and tend to purchase from websites that have the most legitimate customer reviews, high-quality product images, product specs and price comparisons. What’s more, consumers now expect that all of these criteria exist within a single site. Commercial sites that don’t include complete privacy policies, shipping information, viable social integration and a good reputation online tend to lose sales to more reputable companies.

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How Indian handicraft can unearth international markets.

Indian Handicraft goods are not produced in factories. It is an art which involves love, care and soul of the artisan who expresses herself/himself with hands. It is not a mechanical, monotonous process but a one where imagination and creativity take center stage. Being a country of 1.21 billion people who live in 26 states, India has a rich, vast art and craft legacy. Each of these states is famous for different kinds of handicraft. There is no wonder that India is one of the key sellers of these goods in the worldwide market.
According to one report, today around 70 lakh Indians are employed due to this industry, which is growing in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Today this business boasts at an average annual growth rate of 10 to 15 %. This trade requires a very less capital investment because most of the products are handmade and need basic tools. It has provided jobs to people of lower sections of the country and also to the rural women, thanks to women empowerment. These artisans hand pick ranges of bits and pieces from glass, bamboo, stones, shells to wood, clay and create an amazing master piece using their skills. Their devotion and love make each of these pieces unique. Today we export goods like paintings, jewelry, wooden show pieces, metal statues, embroidered clothes and many more to countries around the world like Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Britain.

Our imitation jewelry, zari work, hand printed clothes and woodware are quite in demand. Due to profuse and inexpensive labor, we are able to give competitive prices on our handicrafts in the global market. As these items are handmade, the machine-produced goods are no match to them hence the industry doesn’t face tough competition. There is a lot of growth and potential in this industry. However, our share in this arena is still minimal. We haven’t explored this field to maximum yet. Our highly labor-oriented industry is stretched all over the country, from rural areas to modern cities. It is not centralized. We still have many limitations. Our capacity to cater to large orders is limited. Plus many artisans are still unaware about the international standards.

At times, the quality levels are not consistent and there is not a proper infrastructure and communication to see to the benefits of this industry yet. But people have become more concern for pollution and they want to give their share in saving the environment by buying ‘Eco-friendly’ products. This has given rise to the trade. Developed countries have more income hence the consumers have more spending power these days. There are many who want to possess a rare and novel piece of craftsmanship. These consumers of developed countries appreciate these masterpieces. Keeping our strengths and weaknesses in mind, we can say that India’s handicraft industry has a good future in the global market. Because of technology, today a simple artisan can reach to the global market by using e-commerce and make contact with millions of people in a blink of an eye.

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